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The branch of knowledge dealing with past events.

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History; Chinese history

A practice dating from the early years of the Chinese Communist Party. Denotes the reinstatement in positions of responsibility of former government and party officials and ...

China Proper

History; Chinese history

Used broadly to mean China within the Great Wall, with its eighteen historic provinces. Divisible into two major, sharply contrasting regions, north China and south China. The ...


History; Chinese history

Qin is the first uniformed dynast in China.


History; Chinese history

Gunpowder was invented during the Song Dynasty in ancient China. Made from a mixture of potassium nitrate, sulphur, and charcoal, originally it was used as medicine to treat ...


History; Chinese history

The compass was invented during the Han dynasty for divination, it later evolved into a directional device. These compasses were south pointing and were primarily used as ...


History; Chinese history

Papermaking was invented during the Han Dynasty; it is one of the most significant contributions of ancient China to the spread and development of human civilization. The paper ...

ancient Chinese medicine

History; Chinese history

Ancient Chinese medicine is the oldest in the world and many books have been written on how the medicine was used to treat horrific diseases as well as simple ones such as coughs. ...