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Amenemhat I

History; Egyptian history

The first ruler of the 12th dynasty. Amenemhat I was a vizier of his predecessor Mentuhotep IV. He moved the capital from Thebes to Itjtawy.

Euclid of Alexandria

History; Egyptian history

A Greek mathematician, known as the "Father of Geometry". He was active in Alexandria during the reign of Ptolemy I. In his best known work, Elements, Euclid deduced the ...


History; Egyptian history

Tutor of Cleopatra VII's half-sister and rival, Arsinoë IV. During the civil war Ganymedes commanded Arsinoës' forces. In 47 BC Caesar won a decisive battle against Ganymedes who ...


History; Egyptian history

A daughter of Shuttarna II, king of Mitanni. To assist with political relations between the two states, Gilukhipa was sent by Shuttarna II to Egypt to marry the 18th dynasty ...


History; Egyptian history

Governor of Upper Egypt and overseer of caravans. His primary business was trade with Nubia, forging political bonds with local leaders and preparing the ground for an Egyptian ...


History; Egyptian history

She may have been a daughter or granddaughter of Khafre. She did not hold the title king's wife.. She is mainly known from her tomb, which is located in the central field of Giza.


History; Egyptian history

An Egyptian general and High Priest of Amun at Thebes during the reign of Ramesses XI. Herihor played an integral role in restoring order by ousting Pinehesy, viceroy of Nubia, ...