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History; Egyptian history

She was a daughter of pharaoh Sneferu and his half-sister, Queen Hetepheres I. Hetepheres married her younger half-brother Ankhhaf, who was a vizier.


History; Egyptian history

Last pharaoh of the 18th dynasty (reigned c. 1319 BC – c. 1292 BC). Before he became pharaoh, Horemheb was the commander in chief of the army for Tutankhamen and Ay. He appointed ...

Hori I

History; Egyptian history

He served at the very end of the reign of the 19th dynasty pharaoh Ramesses II. Hori succeeded Neferronpet in office. Hori was a son of prince Khaemwaset and hence a grandson of ...

Hori II

History; Egyptian history

He served during the reigns of the 19th and 20th dynasty pharaohs Sethi II, Siptah, Tawosret, Setnakhte and Ramesses III. Hori II was the son of the High Priest of Ptah Hori I and ...


History; Egyptian history

A minor Hyksos pharaoh from the 14th dynasty. Also known as Ammu Ahotepre.


History; Egyptian history

A Nubian queen, the mother of King Taharqa and probably the wife of King Piye.


History; Egyptian history

Commander under the Ptolemaic Egyptian king Ptolemy XIII. Executed at the orders of Arsinoe IV of Egypt by Ganymedes.