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The branch of knowledge dealing with past events.

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History; Egyptian history

A more then life size statue, often of a kings, but also of gods and even private individuals. These huge statues usually flank the gates or pylons of temples. They are believed ...


History; Egyptian history

This refers to Egyptian Christians and their language.

coffin texts

History; Egyptian history

Texts written inside coffins of the Middle Kingdom that are intended to direct the souls of the dead past the dangers and perils encountered on the journey through the afterlife. ...


History; Egyptian history

A container for a mummy. It could be a rectangular box or anthropoid (human) shaped. The word coffin is often interchanged with sarcophagus, although strictly the latter refers to ...


History; Egyptian history

A tomb built for ceremonial purposes but not used for the actual burial.


History; Egyptian history

An oval which was drawn to contain the hieroglyphs that spelt out a king's or queen's name.


History; Egyptian history

A material used for making mummy masks and coffins. It was built up from layers of linen or papyrus stiffened with gesso (plaster) and then painted or gilded.