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The branch of knowledge dealing with past events.

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canopic jars

History; Egyptian history

A set of jars which contained some of the internal organs removed from the deceased during mummification. Some examples include sets of four jars with different stoppers which ...

book of the dead

History; Egyptian history

A collection of spells that were sometimes provided for the deceased in the form of a papyrus roll from the New  Kingdom onward. The spells were supposed to assist the deceased to ...


History; Egyptian history

These were small temples, attached to the main temples of the Late and Greco-Roman Periods. These small temples are where the god associated with the main temple were said to have ...

blue crown

History; Egyptian history

Beginning in the 18th Dynasty, pharaohs sometimes wore a crown with the appearance of a flanged helmet of cloth covered with golden discs.

benben stone

History; Egyptian history

A scared stone at Heliopolis that was believed to be connected with the primeval mound that emerged from the waters of chaos and where the Sun's first rays fell. The concept of ...


History; Egyptian history

Believed by ancient Egyptians to be the spirit or soul. It is often depicted as a bird with a human head.


History; Egyptian history

The aspect of a person that would join the gods in the underworld being immortal and unchangeable.