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The branch of knowledge dealing with past events.

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fifth republic

History; French history

The Fifth Republic is the republican system in force in France since October 5, 1958, governed by the 1958 Constitution. It is the successor to the Fourth Republic established in ...

3rd Republic

History; French history

The Third Republic was the political system of France from 1870 to 1940. This was the first French regime to establish itself over time since 1789. During this period, 14 french ...

1st Republic

History; French history

The First Republic, officially named the French Republic, is the political system which directed France between September 1792 and May 1804. Led by the French Revolution, it ...

declaration of human rights (1789)

History; French history

The Declaration of Human Rights is the fundamental text of the French Revolution, which provides a set of natural rights, individual and collective, and the conditions of their ...

King Charles VI of France

History; French history

He was crowned as King of France at an early age of eleven in 1380 and become popular with the people before he became insane. His madness started when he was agitated by the ...


History; French history

It'a a term regarding a spiritual movement in Europe mainly France in round 18th century. Its main representatives were French Encyclopedists, such as Jean Jacques Rousseau, and ...

Maginot Line

History; French history

A line of defensive fortifications built along France's northeastern frontier from Switzerland to Luxembourg begun in 1920 as a defence against German invasion and completed in ...