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Of or pertaining to the system of rules which a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and which it may enforce by the imposition of penalties.

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feasibility phase

Law; Contracts

That precedes the design phase and in which the project concept is examined from different perspectives to assess the advisability of proceeding with it.

feasibility analysis

Law; Contracts

This term refers to an alternative term for feasibility study.

fast tracking

Law; Contracts

To do more things in the same time in order to finish a job earlier than normal or planned. It is the process of reducing the number of sequential relationships and replacing them ...

fair trade

Law; Contracts

A movement which strives for fair treatment for farmers. In a fair trade agreement, farmers, who in other situations might be more susceptible to the will of the purchaser, will ...

failure of consideration

Law; Contracts

Situation involving a contract between two parties where one fails to fulfill their end of the deal. The other party may have a restitution or unjust enrichment claim to recover.

failed trade

Law; Contracts

Transaction that does not settle on the contracted settlement date. This generally happens where the parties disagree on whether the delivered item meets the agreed upon ...

exemption clause

Law; Contracts

Provision in a contract under which one party (usually the one which drafted the agreement) is protected from being sued by the other party for damages, loss, negligence, ...