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Materials science

The the study of matter and their applications in various areas of science and engineering.

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irreversible losses

Materials science; Magnetics

Partial demagnetization of the magnet, caused by exposure to high or low temperatures, external fields, shock, vibration, or other factors. These losses are only recoverable by ...


Materials science; Magnetics

(non-oriented) A material with no preferred direction of orientation resulting in the same magnetic characteristics through any axis.

isotropic material

Materials science; Magnetics

A material that can be magnetized along any axis or direction (a magnetically unoriented material). The opposite of Anisotropic Magnet.


Materials science; Magnetics

A soft iron piece temporarily added between the poles of a magnetic circuit to protect it from demagnetizing influences. Also called a shunt. Not needed for Neodymium and other ...


Materials science; Magnetics

One Kilogauss = 1,000 Gauss = Maxwells per square centimeter.


Materials science; Magnetics

A magnet is an object made of certain materials which create a magnetic field. A material that has the property, either natural or induced, of attracting iron or steel. Every ...

magnetic circuit

Materials science; Magnetics

Consists of all elements, including air gaps and non-magnetic materials that the magnetic flux from a magnet travels on, starting from the north pole of the magnet to the south ...