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Meat products

Any kind of animal flesh that is eaten or sold as a marketable product.

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Meat products; Poultry

The practice of injecting fluid, such as saltwater or meat stock, into raw chicken. Producers claim that this creates tastier meat, whereas opponents state that chicken is sold ...


Meat products; Poultry

The breast and wings of a chicken carcass.


Meat products; Poultry

term used to describe the portion of poultry carcasses that consists of hearts, gizzards, and livers. Giblet packages should contain approximately equal numbers of each of those ...


Meat products; Poultry

Extra padding within the shipping containers (cases) that protect each egg from breaking during the handling and shipping process.


Meat products; Poultry

The streamlining of the production process from laying eggs, grading, packing and or processing into one convenient facility through the use of conveyor systems.


Meat products; Poultry

a place where eggs are incubated and hatched.


Meat products; Poultry

A female fowl more than twelve months of age.