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Medical devices

Any instrument, appliance or machine that facilitates the prevention,diagnosis and treatment of illness, physical or mental injury, by a medical professional.

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Medical devices > OBGYN equipment

bladder neck

Medical devices; OBGYN equipment

Junction between urethra and bladder


Medical devices; OBGYN equipment

An oral medication used to reduce prolactin levels and reduce the size of a pituitary tumor when present. This medication often causes dizziness and upset stomach and must be ...


Medical devices; OBGYN equipment

An eating disorder characterized by voracious eating followed by forced vomiting. The resulting weight loss and malnutrition may cause anovulation.


Medical devices; OBGYN equipment

A long-acting GnRH available in Europe as a nasal spray and used to create the pseudomenopause desirable for reducing the size and number of endometriotic lesions. It can also be ...


Medical devices; OBGYN equipment

An infection that may be uncomfortable and itchy and may impair fertility.


Medical devices; OBGYN equipment

A process that sperm undergo as they travel through the woman's reproductive tract. Capacitation enables the sperm to penetrate the egg.


Medical devices; OBGYN equipment

To burn tissue with electrical current (electrocautery) or with a laser. Used in surgical procedures to remove unwanted tissue such as adhesions and endometrial implants. Also ...