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Terms concerning oil and gas as a fossil fuel and natural resource.

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Oil & gas; Oil

The supply of crude oil, natural gas liquids or natural gas to a refinery or petrochemical plant or the supply of some refined fraction of intermediate petrochemical to some other ...

aviation turbine kerosene (atk)

Oil & gas; Oil

A medium-light fuel burned in jet and turbo-prop aircraft engines.

stabilizer tower

Oil & gas; Oil

A fractionating column used to lower the vapor pressure of gasoline products during the refining process.

light fractions

Oil & gas; Oil

The low-molecular-weight, low-boiling point fractions that emerge from the upper part of a fractionating column during the oil refining process.

production license

Oil & gas; Oil

A licence to produce oil or gas in a particular area issued to a company by the governing state.


Oil & gas; Oil

The state-owned corporation set up by the Norwegian Government to manage the country's participation interests in the Norwegian sector of the continental shelf.

petroleum revenue tax (prt)

Oil & gas; Oil

A tax levied by the UK Government on net income from petroleum production in the UK sector after deducting all costs, Royalties and certain other allowances, this tax is ...