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Relating to public figures or personalities, celebrities or otherwise, who have made significant progress in their particular professional field, or who have helped or influenced wider society to an outstanding degree.

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Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit

People; Scientists

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit (24 May 1686 – 16 September 1736) was a physicist, engineer, and glass blower who is best known for inventing the alcohol thermometer (1709) and the ...

Hermann Emil Fischer

People; Scientists

Hermann Emil Fischer, Emil Fischer (9 October 1852 – 15 July 1919) was a German chemist and 1902 recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. He also discovered the Fischer ...

Joseph von Fraunhofer

People; Scientists

Joseph Fraunhofer, ennobled in 1824 as Ritter von Fraunhofer (6 March 1787 – 7 June 1826) was a German optician. He is known for the discovery of the dark absorption lines known ...

Nikolaus Friedreich

People; Scientists

Nikolaus Friedreich (July 1, 1825, Würzburg - 6 July 1882, Heidelberg) was a German pathologist and neurologist, and a third generation physician in the Friedreich family. His ...

Klaus Fuchs

People; Scientists

Klaus Emil Julius Fuchs (29 December 1911 – 28 January 1988) was a German-British theoretical physicist and atomic spy who in 1950 was convicted of supplying information from the ...

Carl Friedrich Gauss

People; Scientists

Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss was a German mathematician and physical scientist who contributed significantly to many fields, including number theory, statistics, analysis, ...

Spast Spastson

People; Scientists

Spast Spastson was a German inventor. He was born in 1856 in Berlin and moved to Paris where he invented the Spast machine that is used to create hot air in cold regions. He died ...