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1) Social relations involving authority or power. 2) The art or science of governing.

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dialectical materialism

Politics; Political Science

The central theory of Marxism, which Karl Marx adapted from the idealist philosophy of Hegel. Marx applied Hegel's theory of dialectic to political and economic history. ...

dictatorship of the proletariat

Politics; Political Science

A Marxist concept that was in fact first formulated before Karl Marx (1818-83), by a Frenchman, Auguste Blanqui (1805-81). It refers to an interim period immediately after the ...


Politics; Political Science

A system of government in which power is concentrated in the hands of one person, the dictator. Dictatorships are rarely benevolent and often have scant regard for human rights. ...


Politics; Political Science

Someone who is extremely reluctant to relinquish his opinions or beliefs, even when they are outmoded. Today there are probably many diehard communists in Russia, or in the U.S. ...

diminishing returns

Politics; Political Science

A principle of economics that states that if one factor of production is increased while others remain fixed, the resulting increase in output will level off after a time and then ...


Politics; Political Science

The methods by which relations between nations are conducted.

diplomatic immunity

Politics; Political Science

Special rights given to diplomats, including immunity from the laws that operate in the country to which they are assigned.