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1) Social relations involving authority or power. 2) The art or science of governing.

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direct action

Politics; Political Science

When a group acts to achieve its goals without going through the accepted channels of communication or decision-making. If a group of workers, for example, goes on strike without ...

direct democracy

Politics; Political Science

Democracy in which the people as a whole make direct decisions, rather than have those decisions made for them by elected representatives. A referendum is a form of direct ...


Politics; Political Science

An executive order or official instruction providing explicit guidance.

dirty linen

Politics; Political Science

In political speech the term refers to secrets such as sordid infighting, or outright scandal, that political parties would sooner keep secret. Displaying dirty linen in public is ...


Politics; Political Science

Reduction of armaments. Attempts have been made to reduce arms ever since the end of World War I. A disarmament conference was held in Geneva from 1932-34, but no agreement was ...


Politics; Political Science

Treating a person differently and unequally because of race, gender, country of origin, color, age, physical handicap, or other factors. The existence in the U.S. of equal ...

displaced person

Politics; Political Science

A person who has had to leave his own country as a result of war or persecution.