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1) Social relations involving authority or power. 2) The art or science of governing.

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Politics; Political Science

Rigid adherence to dogma; arrogant assertion of opinion, whether facts or evidence support it or not.


Politics; Political Science

Pertaining to one's own country. Thus, a government will have a domestic policy dealing with policies within its own borders, and a foreign policy for everything outside those ...

domino theory

Politics; Political Science

An idea current during the Cold War that justified U.S. support of South Vietnam against invasion by communist North Vietnam. The theory was that if one southeast Asian state went ...

double jeopardy

Politics; Political Science

The law that says a person cannot be tried twice for the same offense. It is part of the Fifth Amendment, which states that "No person shall . . . be subject for the same offense ...

draconian laws

Politics; Political Science

Severe or cruel laws. The phrase refers to Draco, a ruler of ancient Greece in the 7th century B.C., who imposed a severe code of laws on the city of Athens in 621. In political ...


Politics; Political Science

Money collected as customs duty on imported goods and then refunded when the goods are sent out as exports.

due process

Politics; Political Science

Legal procedures designed to protect the rights and liberties of individuals. In the U.S., due process refers to the constitutional requirement that "no person shall be deprived ...