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1) Social relations involving authority or power. 2) The art or science of governing.

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economic warfare

Politics; Political Science

Conflict between nations over economic issues, that results in each side taking action against the other, to raise tariffs, restrict imports, or boycott the others' goods.


Politics; Political Science

The science of the allocation of limited resources for the satisfaction of human wants.


Politics; Political Science

The entire system of production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services in a country.


Politics; Political Science

Universal. Used in reference to cooperation, understanding and unity between different churches, as in the ecumenical movement.


Politics; Political Science

The ecumenical movement within Christian churches, which has been a notable feature of Christianity over the last 40-50 years. Also refers to the cultivation of greater ...

executive privilege

Politics; Political Science

The privilege extended to the executive branch to withhold certain information from Congress or the courts. The need to withhold may be to preserve the confidentiality of ...


Politics; Political Science

The doctrine that advocates equal political and social rights for all citizens. As such, egalitarianism is enshrined in the U.S. constitution. It does not mean that all people ...