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The science that deals with the mental and behaviourial characteristics of an individual, community or society.

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shaping by successive approximations

Psychology; General psychology

A behavioral method that reinforces responses that successively approximate and ultimately match the desired response.

rapid eye movements (REM)

Psychology; General psychology

A behavioral sign of the phase of sleep during which the sleeper is likely to be experiencing dreamlike mental activity.

implosion therapy

Psychology; General psychology

A behavioral therapeutic technique that exposes a client to anxiety-provoking stimuli, through his or her own imagination, in an attempt to extinguish the anxiety associated with ...

systematic desensitization

Psychology; General psychology

A behavioral therapy technique in which a client is taught to prevent the arousal of anxiety by confronting the feared stimulus while relaxed.

taste-aversion learning

Psychology; General psychology

A biological constraint on learning in which an organism learns in one trial to avoid a food whose ingestion is followed by illness.

analytic psychology

Psychology; General psychology

A branch of psychology that views the person as a constellation of compensatory internal forces in a dynamic balance.


Psychology; General psychology

A cell in the nervous system specialized to receive, process, and/or transmit information to other cells.