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The science that deals with the mental and behaviourial characteristics of an individual, community or society.

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rational-emotive therapy (RET)

Psychology; General psychology

A comprehensive system of personality change based on changing irrational beliefs that cause undesirable, highly charged emotional reactions such as severe anxiety.


Psychology; General psychology

A concept in personality psychology referring to a person's constant striving to realize his or her potential and to develop inherent talents and capabilities.

reciprocal determinism

Psychology; General psychology

A concept of Albert Bandura's social learning theory that refers to the notion that a complex reciprocal interaction exists among the individual, his or her behavior, and ...

relaxation response

Psychology; General psychology

A condition in which muscle tension, cortical activity, heart rate, and blood pressure decrease and breathing slows.


Psychology; General psychology

Any time a person continues to exhibit harmful or obsessive behavior, we can say that they are addicted. There are many, many types of addictions, from gambling, to sex, to drugs ...

stimulus discrimination

Psychology; General psychology

A conditioning process in which an organism learns to respond differently to stimuli that differ from the conditioned stimulus on some dimension.

circadian rhythm

Psychology; General psychology

A consistent pattern of cyclical body activities, usually lasting 24 to 25 hours and determined by an internal biological clock.