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digital filter

Science; Acoustics

A digital processor that receives a sequence of input data values, executes an operation on them, and outputs a corresponding sequence of values that have been filtered with ...

fast Fourier transform

Science; Acoustics

A digital signal processing technique that converts a time record into a narrow band constant bandwidth filtered spectrum. Measurements are defined by specifying the frequency ...

rayleigh disk

Science; Acoustics

A disk on a torsion suspension designed to measure the sound particle velocity in a fluid.

mass law

Science; Acoustics

A doubling in mass or frequency results in a 6 dB increase in sound insulation for a single leaf partition over a defined frequency range.

band pass filter

Science; Acoustics

A filter covering a band of frequencies from a lower cut-off frequency to an upper cut-off frequency. Outside the filter bandwidth, the signal is attenuated.

octave filter

Science; Acoustics

A filter whose upper-to-lower passband limits bear a ratio of 2. Is preferably centered at one of the preferred frequencies given in ISO R266 and should meet the attenuation ...

constant bandwidth filter

Science; Acoustics

A filter with fixed frequency bandwidth, expressed in Hertz (Hz), regardless of center frequency.