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Science; Basic science

The force of attraction that causes objects to be drawn toward each other simply because they have mass.


Science; Basic science

English scientist who studied plant tissues and fossils under microscope. He invented the word cell to describe the structure he observed.


Science; Basic science

A statement that explains a set of facts and can be tested if it is false or not accurate.


Science; Basic science

British scientist who studied heat and electricity and invented the Kelvin scale in 1848. This scale starts at the lowest temperature possible.


Science; Basic science

The use of strict rules of reasoning to show whether a statement is true or false.

kinetic energy

Science; Basic science

The energy that an object has as a result of being in motion. The amount of kinetic energy an object has depends on the mass.


Science; Basic science

Dutch scientist who was first person to observe and describe the bacteria and protozoa an pioneered the use of microscope.