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Any solid material with electrical conductivity due to electron flow (as opposed to ionic conductivity) of a magnitude between that of a conductor and that of an insulator.

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phase alternation line (PAL)

Semiconductors; Test equipment

A 50-Hz composite color video standard used in Western Europe, India, China, and some Middle Eastern countries. Seealso NTSC, RS-170.

computer aided manufacturing (CAM)

Semiconductors; Test equipment

Files used for manufacturing PCB including Gerber file, NC Drill file and Assembly Drawings.

controller area network (CAN)

Semiconductors; Test equipment

A serial bus system especially suited to interconnect smart devices to build smart systems or sub-systems. The CAN protocol is an international standard defined in the ISO 11898. ...

ceramic ball grid array/ceramic column grid array (CBGA/CCGA)

Semiconductors; Test equipment

A grid array packaged component that has ceramic as the substrate of the package, and may have either solder balls or solder columns for connections.

continuous BIT (CBIT)

Semiconductors; Test equipment

These are any tests performed while the application is active. They may be part of the application itself or might be supplied by the hardware module vendors to run periodically.

charge coupled device (CCD)

Semiconductors; Test equipment

A self-scanning semiconductor imaging device which uses metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS), surface storage and information transfer technologies.

code division multiple access (CDMA)

Semiconductors; Test equipment

A spread-spectrum digital cellular radio system that uses different codes to permit and distinguish users operating simultaneously on the same frequency. This technique is used to ...