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Any solid material with electrical conductivity due to electron flow (as opposed to ionic conductivity) of a magnitude between that of a conductor and that of an insulator.

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central processing unit (CPU)

Semiconductors; Test equipment

The core circuitry of a computer including the ALU (arithmetic logic unit), address-control circuitry, and bus-control circuitry. Usually implemented with a microprocessor or ...

cathode ray tube (CRT)

Semiconductors; Test equipment

Vacuum tube used to display data in a visual form. Picture tube of a television or computer terminal.

conducted susceptibility (CS)

Semiconductors; Test equipment

The determination or measurement of a device's capability to function in the presence of undesirable conducted EMI. This usually involves conduction through with the I/O cables, ...

C-mode scanning acoustic microscope (C-SAM)

Semiconductors; Test equipment

an ultra high frequency pulse-echo ultrasonic imaging system that is used to look inside optically opaque samples and view internal features such as defects and construction ...

customer-specific integrated circuit (CSIC)

Semiconductors; Test equipment

An alternative and possibly more accurate name for an ASIC, but this term is rarely used in the industry and shows little indication of finding favor with the masses.

carrier sense multiple access/ collision detect protocol (CSMA/CD)

Semiconductors; Test equipment

With CSMA/CD two or more stations share a common transmission medium. To transmit a frame, a station must wait for an idle period on the medium when no other station is ...

chip scale package (CSP)

Semiconductors; Test equipment

Active, multi-I/O package that is no larger than 125% of the size of the silicon IC.