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Terms relating to the creation, testing, refinement and distribution of software and related products.

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quick switch mode

Software; Virtualization

A display mode in which the virtual machine’s display fills most of the screen. In this mode, tabs at the top of the screen enable you to switch quickly from one running virtual ...


Software; Virtualization

A process of bringing the on-disk data of a physical or virtual computer into a state suitable for backups. This process might include flushing to disk dirty buffers from the ...

raw disk

Software; Virtualization

See physical disk.

raw device mapping (RDM)

Software; Virtualization

A mechanism that enables a virtual machine to have direct access to a LUN on the physical storage subsystem (Fibre Channel or iSCSI only). At the same time, the virtual machine ...

record/replay feature

Software; Virtualization

Lets you record all of a Workstation 5 or 6 virtual machine’s activity over a period of time. Unlike the Workstation movie-capture feature, the record/replay feature lets you ...

recovery plan

Software; Virtualization

The steps to recover protected virtual machines in their assigned protection groups according to an order of priority defined in the plan.

persistent mode

Software; Virtualization

A disk mode in which all disk writes that are issued by software running inside a virtual machine are immediately and permanently written to a virtual disk that is configured as ...