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Terms relating to the creation, testing, refinement and distribution of software and related products.

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physical disk

Software; Virtualization

In hosted products, a hard disk in a virtual machine that is mapped to a physical disk drive or partition on the host machine. A virtual machine’s disk can be stored as a file on ...

physical network

Software; Virtualization

A network of physical machines (plus cabling, switches, routers, and so on) that are connected so that they can send data to and receive data from each other. See also virtual ...


Software; Virtualization

Authorization to perform a specific action or set of actions on a managed object or group of managed objects.


Software; Virtualization

An attribute of an object. In the VMware vSphere SDK, a property can be a nested data object, a managed object reference, or other data such as an integer or string.

property collector

Software; Virtualization

A managed object used to control the reporting of managed object properties and the primary means of monitoring status on host machines.

point-in-time (PIT) restoration

Software; Virtualization

The process of recovering a usable copy of a defined data set from a specified time in the past.

plain disk

Software; Virtualization

A file that contains an exact image of a raw disk. VMware plain disks can also concatenate more than one raw disk into a single plain disk.