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Terms relating to the creation, testing, refinement and distribution of software and related products.

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inventory mapping

Software; Virtualization

Mapping between resource pools, networks, and virtual machine folders on the protection site and their destination counterparts on the recovery site.

legacy virtual machine

Software; Virtualization

A virtual machine supported by the product in use but not current for that product. For example, in Workstation 5, you can use and create virtual machines for use in Workstation ...

license activation code (LAC)

Software; Virtualization

In VMware Infrastructure 3, a unique code associated with one or more VMware products purchased. You receive this code after your order is processed. If you purchase your products ...

host operating system

Software; Virtualization

An operating system that runs on the host machine. See also guest operating system.

hot cloning

Software; Virtualization

IIn VMware vCenter Converter, cloning a local or remote physical machine while it is running in its own operating system. See also cold cloning.

license file

Software; Virtualization

In VMware Infrastructure 3, a text file determining the license mode and entitlement to licensed features.

license key

Software; Virtualization

In VMware Infrastructure 3, an encrypted block of text within a license file, determining entitlement to one specific licensed feature. In vSphere 4.0, a product license ...