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Translation & localization

1) The converting of one language into another for the purpose of facilitating understanding and 2)The process of adapting a language for a specific country or region, or translation of a product into another language so it is marketable in a specific country or region

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certified interpreter

Translation & localization; Internationalization (I18N)

In the US, there is no national interpreter certification program (other than for Federally Certified Court Interpreters), although various agencies attempt certification ...

certified translator

Translation & localization; Internationalization (I18N)

There is no such thing, contrary to the claims made by countless "certified translators" who advertise on the web and the yellow pages, as there is no official certification ...

computer assisted translation

Translation & localization; Internationalization (I18N)

Translation using software that manages dictionaries and user-defined glossaries. When the program encounters previously translated words and phrases, it suggests a translation ...


Translation & localization; Internationalization (I18N)

For translators and interpreters, professional confidentiality is absolute. It goes into effect the moment the translator or interpreter is given access to the client's ...

consecutive interpretation

Translation & localization; Internationalization (I18N)

Oral translation of speech into another language, after the speaker speaks. The interpreter takes notes while the speaker talks and then delivers the interpretation while the ...

court interpreter

Translation & localization; Internationalization (I18N)

An interpreter who listens while the speaker speaks and then interprets while the speaker pauses. The interpreter providing consecutive interpretation sits, either at the same ...