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Any mode or method of locomotion that serves to move people, goods or services from one location to another.

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corporate-operated locations

Transportation; Car rental

Some Budget Rent A Car locations are owned and operated by the corporation, and others are owned and operated independently. While each of these car rental locations strives to ...

supplemental liability insurance (SLI)

Transportation; Car rental

Extra automobile liability coverage that protects you and all authorized drivers of the rental car against third-party bodily injury and property-damage claims with USD $1,000,000 ...

personal accident and personal effects insurance (PAE)

Transportation; Car rental

PAE protects you and your passengers against expenses resulting from accident, injury, and loss to certain personal property in your Budget car during your car rental.

excess reduction fee (ERF)

Transportation; Car rental

In Australia and New Zealand only, ERF is a coverage plan that helps reduce the cost of excess damage to the car during your car rental. Terms depend on the vehicle category and ...

mileage allowance

Transportation; Car rental

Depending on your reservation/rental agreement, you have a mileage allowance that entitles you to drive your rental car a specified distance at no charge before a mileage ...

passenger (PSGR)

Transportation; Car rental

The abbreviation is often used to denote the number of passengers. For example, 5PSGR means the vehicle will accommodate up to five adult passengers.

collision damage waiver (CDW)

Transportation; Car rental

This international version of the U.S. Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) helps protect drivers from repair costs that might arise from accidental damage to the vehicle during your car ...