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Any mode or method of locomotion that serves to move people, goods or services from one location to another.

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mini-lease car rental rate

Transportation; Car rental

To get this rate, you must rent a car for a minimum of 32 consecutive days or a maximum of 330 days. Mini-Lease, long term car rentals usually offer substantial discounts over our ...

government admin rate supplement

Transportation; Car rental

For U.S. Government car rentals, the government imposes a $5/day Admin Rate Supplement (GARS/GA) charge for each rental. Rental car companies pass on this surcharge to government ...

budget customer number (BCN)

Transportation; Car rental

The same as a Budget RapidRez® Number, a BCN speeds the rental process by automatically applying your personal data and vehicle preferences, rather than requiring you to provide ...

rental agreement (RA)

Transportation; Car rental

A Rental Agreement (RA) is the legally binding contract that details the terms of rental you'll be required to agree to and sign when Budget releases a rental car to you.

qualifying rental

Transportation; Car rental

A qualifying rental meets all qualifications or rules. For example, on a coupon that notes “weekend rental only,” a qualifying car rental will need to take place during a weekend ...


Transportation; Car rental

Participating Budget locations take part in our special promotional car rental offers or deals. Since some locations are privately owned and operated, participation in offers is ...

budget online affiliate program

Transportation; Car rental

Affiliates help promote budget.com to consumers by providing a link to our car rental site. Through this program, earn commission every time a visitor to your Web site makes an ...