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Related to the process of embarking on a journey from one place to another.

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Travel; Air travel

A written acknowledgement that a passenger has declined something.

corporate agency

Travel; Air travel

A travel agency that specializes in corporate clients.


Travel; Air travel

A time or season when less travel occurs. Also, fares tend to be lower during these times.

through passenger

Travel; Air travel

A passenger who is not disembarking at a particular stop while en route to the final destination.

published fare

Travel; Air travel

A rate that is offered directly by the airlines. Generally these are the highest rates available.

boarding pass

Travel; Air travel

A receipt with a seat number, which is now issued only at check-in at the airport.

electronic ticket

Travel; Air travel

A newer system of issuing tickets to clients whereby a "paperless" ticket is issued which allows the client to check in only using proper photo identification. Electronic tickets ...