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Related to the process of embarking on a journey from one place to another.

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Travel > Air travel


Travel; Air travel

A business that has contracts with airlines to sell tickets in bulk, generally at a discounted rate.

offline connection

Travel; Air travel

A change of aircraft also involving a change of carriers.


Travel; Air travel

A company providing transportation or travel related services (airline, cruise line, railway, hotel, car Rental Company, etc.).


Travel; Air travel

When an airline sells more seats than are available on a particular flight.

travel agency

Travel; Air travel

Usually used in the travel industry to refer to an ARC-appointed storefront retailer.


Travel; Air travel

To confirm or recheck once more, especially to establish or support more concretely.

leisure travel

Travel; Air travel

Travel done for the purpose of pleasure, as opposed to business travel; often used to indicate a trip of seven days or longer, regardless of its purpose.