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Related to the process of embarking on a journey from one place to another.

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rack rate

Travel; Air travel

The standard price of a hotel room before any discount has been taken.

bereavement fare

Travel; Air travel

This is a lowered fare for individuals traveling because of a death, most airline require documentation for the price break.

occupancy rate

Travel; Air travel

The percent of hotel rooms expected to be filled during a specific time period.

shoulder season

Travel; Air travel

The period of time between the high and low seasons when rates for a destination are between their highest and lowest.

base fare

Travel; Air travel

The airplane ticket price, before all of the added taxes.

minimum connect time

Travel; Air travel

The shortest amount of time needed to transfer between flights. It is generally best to give oneself more time as opposed to less.

first class

Travel; Air travel

The highest class of service, available on most aircraft.