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Related to the process of embarking on a journey from one place to another.

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maximum stay

Travel; Air travel

The longest period of time one may stay at a particular destination and still qualify for a specific airfare.

record locator

Travel; Air travel

The number assigned to a reservation in an airline's computer system. No two reservations will ever have the same record locator number.


Travel; Air travel

The occasion when an airline takes extra reservations to cover for no-shows.

passenger name record (PNR)

Travel; Air travel

The official name of one's reservation in a computer reservation system (CRS).

jet lag

Travel; Air travel

A fatigue caused by disorientation of a person's biological clock as a result of travel across several time zones.

fare basis

Travel; Air travel

The code or codes on which the price of an airline ticket is based.

lowest available fare

Travel; Air travel

The current lowest airfare that is available for purchase at that moment.