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Related to the process of embarking on a journey from one place to another.

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The Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC)

Travel; Air travel

Oversees the tracking of payments from travel agency to airline, upon issuance of tickets; created by the air carriers.

net fare

Travel; Air travel

Refers to the fare that is offered to a customer after the commission has been applied.


Travel; Air travel

Refers to the fares between two cities; service between two cities only, without any additional segments or continuation.


Travel; Air travel

Refers to the period of time spent while waiting for a transportation connection.

blocked space

Travel; Air travel

Seats or rooms on airplanes or in hotels that have been held aside to be sold by consolidators, generally at a reduced rate.


Travel; Air travel

The actual number of seats that are free to be sold at a particular rate.

actual flying time

Travel; Air travel

The amount of time that the airplane is actually flying in the air.