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Related to the process of embarking on a journey from one place to another.

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visitors center

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

Travel information center located at a destination to make it easier for visitors to plan their stay; often operated by a convention and visitors bureau, chamber of commerce or ...

tour wholesaler

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

An individual or company that sells tour packages and tour product to travel agents. Tour wholesalers usually receive a 20% discount from accommodations, transportation companies ...


Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

A marketing and equity financing concept which permits participants to enjoy vacation accommodation for a fixed, one time amount for life, or shorter contracted period. According ...


Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

Those businesses that provide industry products like accommodations, transportation, car rentals, restaurants and attractions.

destination marketing organization

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

Local tourism marketing organizations, such as convention and visitors bureaus or chambers of commerce.

destination marketing

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

Marketing a city, state, country, area or region to consumers and trade.

destination clubs

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

The newest entrant to lodging, this niche most closely resembles country clubs in ownership structure. While developers of destination clubs expect to branch out into other price ...