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Related to the process of embarking on a journey from one place to another.

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G visa for transit

Travel; Visa service

A valid visa of the destination country and a succession or round trip airline ticket are required.

J1 and J2 Visa for journalists

Travel; Visa service

J-1 visa for resident journalist Foreign correspondents transferred from HK to the Mainland need to submit applications to the Information Department of the Ministry of ...

Diplomatic and service visa

Travel; Visa service

Officials of foreign governments or members of consular missions in Hong Kong SAR, staff of the United Nations, or other international organizations, who wish to travel to ...

C visa for crewmembers

Travel; Visa service

C Visas are conducted according to relevant bilateral visa agreements, if there are, for staff members working on trains, crewmembers on planes and seamen on shipboards of ...

D visa for residence in China

Travel; Visa service

Applicants for resident visas shall firstly apply for residence permit in person or through their relatives in China with the local Entry and Exit Administration Division under ...

L visa (for tourism or visiting relatives)

Travel; Visa service

I--For tourism: Under some circumstances, the applicants may be required to provide financial proof, a copy of Chinese hotel booking and return flight ticket. II--For ...

M visa for business and visit

Travel; Visa service

(1) Authorized Invation Letter, or an letter issued by the company he/she is employed and the registration license of this company, or an invitation letter from the mainland ...