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Of or pertaining to the state of the atmosphere and/or the science of monitoring, measuring and interpreting meteorological changes.

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Weather; Storms

A sudden movement of the Earth's crust and it usually occur along cracks in the crust known as faults.

ebb tide

Weather; Storms

The period between high and low tide when water is flowing away from the shore is called ebb tide.

Tropical Storm Emily

Weather; Storms

A tropical storm that is forecasted to make landfall on Haiti's southern peninsula and dump torrential rains across a country in which more than 600,000 people are still living ...

Hurricane Irene

Weather; Storms

An upcoming category three hurricane that is set to hit the east coast of the US late afternoon on the 27th August 2011. Wind speeds are expected to hit 115 miles per hour with a ...

Hurricane Katia

Weather; Storms

Hurricane Katia, which started as a tropical storm at the southernmost part of the Cape Verde islands, has been slowly gathering strength as it moves westward across the Atlantic. ...

Typhoon Fanapi

Weather; Storms

Typhoon Fanapi was the first major storm to strike Taiwan in 2010 and the 11th typhoon to hit Mainland China. It landed in Fujian province at 7 a.m. on September 2010. Fanapi had ...

Eye of God

Weather; Storms

Nickname given to the images of a perfect storm captured by electrician and storm chaser Sean R Heavey, who lives in Glasgow, Montana, USA. Sean created this panoramic image by ...