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The scientific study of the animal kingdom, including extinct and possibly mythical beings.

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Zoology; Zoological terms

The shine that is present in the eyes of various birds (goatsuckers, owls, kiwis, and other nightbirds). Caused by reflection off of the tapetum, the vascular membrane of the ...

facial shield

Zoology; Zoological terms

A hard plate on the forehead of some birds (coots, for example). It functions as a display ornament as well as enables the distinguishing between different species

fall bloom

Zoology; Zoological terms

The rapid growth of algae in temperate lakes following the autumnal breakdown of thermal stratification and mixing of water layers.

fall overturn

Zoology; Zoological terms

The vertical mixing of the layers of the water in temperate lakes. This turnover occurs in autumn when temperatures start to change


Zoology; Zoological terms

A plant or animl in an early stage of development; generally still contained within the seed, egg, or uterus.


Zoology; Zoological terms

Movement of individuals out of a population.

endangered animals

Zoology; Zoological terms

Endangered animals are species or populations that are at risk of becoming extinct.