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The scientific study of the animal kingdom, including extinct and possibly mythical beings.

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Zoology; Zoological terms

A measure of the rate at which an individual organism reproduces.


Zoology; Zoological terms

The thigh bone in vertebrates that have four limbs or the third segment of the leg in insects.


Zoology; Zoological terms

Pertaining to an animal that comes from domesticated stock and that has subsequently taken up life in the wild.


Zoology; Zoological terms

An embryo that is in the later stages of devemlopment but is still in the egg or uterus.


Zoology; Zoological terms

A female horse that is four years or younger in age.


Zoology; Zoological terms

Egg shape rounded at both ends but elongated and tapering toward the rounded ends, with the broadest point nearer one end than the other


Zoology; Zoological terms

A taxon that is a subset of a family and that contains one or more genera.