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The scientific study of the animal kingdom, including extinct and possibly mythical beings.

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Zoology; Zoological terms

One of two subdivisions of the order Passeriformes.


Zoology; Zoological terms

A geographical subset of a species showing discrete differences in morphology or coloration compared to other members of the species.


Zoology; Zoological terms

Habitats and climates that are tropical in nature but found north or south of the tropics


Zoology; Zoological terms

The sequence of plant communities that occur following disturbance and that culminate in a regiou's dominant habitat type

supplemental plumage

Zoology; Zoological terms

A generation of feathers, additional to the basic and alternate plumages, found in a few birds that have more than two molts per year


Zoology; Zoological terms

A new trait or structural feature that arises in an evolving lineage that is shared between two or more sister groups that illustrates their close relationship.


Zoology; Zoological terms

A tetrapod is a vertebrate with four limbs or whose ancestors had four limbs. Tetrapods include four of the six main groups of animals: amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and birds.