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The scientific study of the animal kingdom, including extinct and possibly mythical beings.

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Zoology; Zoological terms

The term thorax refers to, in mammals, the area of the trunk anterior to the diaphragm (the diaphragm is the partition between the thorax and the abdomen). In insects, the thorax ...


Zoology; Zoological terms

Having tooth-like projections similar to the teeth of a comb.


Zoology; Zoological terms

General name for several small sandpiper species in the genus Calidris


Zoology; Zoological terms

Inhabiting open waters with body designs that allow them to float and swim


Zoology; Zoological terms

A mass of indigestible material including fur, feathers, and bones regurgitated by hawks, owls, herons, and other predatory birds.

pentaradial symmetry

Zoology; Zoological terms

A type of radial symmetry, characteristic of echinoderms, in which body parts are arranged along five rays of symmetry.


Zoology; Zoological terms

The outermost layer of a snail's shell. Consists of conchin (a mixture of organic compounds), gives the shell color