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Dance; Ballroom

The part of the foot which is on the inside edge, between the ball and the heel.


Dance; Ballroom

A movement involving a small kick or flick of the lower leg, followed by a ball-change action. Usually taken in a syncopated rhythm, such as 1&2.

lateral movement

Dance; Ballroom

Movement to the side.


Dance; Ballroom

Effective communication of intended actions on the part of the man, through the use of his own body movements, and through one or more connections to his partner (physical and/or visual).

leg swing

Dance; Ballroom

A pendulum-type swinging action of the leg underneath the hip.


Dance; Ballroom

Lines, real or imaginary, created by the positioning of the various body parts in a visually pleasing manner.

line dancing

Dance; Ballroom

A type of non-partner dancing, primarily associated with the Country & Western genre, where a group of people will dance through a pre-choreographed sequence of movements in unison. The choreography ...

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