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Belly dance

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Belly dance

hand twirl

Dance; Belly dance

Twirling the hand at the wrist in a small circle.


Dance; Belly dance

Egyptian word for the heart-soul, most important of the seven souls.


Dance; Belly dance

It is used to refer to an Arabic wedding procession.


Dance; Belly dance

Finger cymbals in Turkish. Called sagat in Arabic. However, it is normal for the Turkish term to be used. (Turkish & Persian terms for music, French for dance)


Dance; Belly dance

A reed instrument with a backward cut. Made with a single tube.


Dance; Belly dance

This is a type of horn used in Turkish folk music, which is a member of the oboe family of musical instruments. It produces a loud, very ethnic-sounding tone.

thobe al nasha'ar

Dance; Belly dance

This is a richly embroidered dress worn in the Persian Gulf (Khaleegy) region, in countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Dubai.

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