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Computer aided design software.

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Software; CAD

In animation, a curve that controls the motion of an object. Also known as curve deformation.


Software; CAD

1. In polygonal modeling, a collection of polygons, which can be of different types (triangles, quads, n-sided). 2. In Maya paint tools, polygonal triangles that appear on screen rather than brush ...


Software; CAD

An image that modifies surface detail.


Software; CAD

A tool used In Maya Artisan and Paint Effects that allows you to apply paint, objects, fur, or other attributes to a canvas or surface.


Software; CAD

In polygonal modeling, the closed space formed when three or more vertices are linked by edges. A polygonal object is a set of connected faces. When these faces form a closed volume, the object ...

depth of field

Software; CAD

In photography, the range of distances within which objects will be sharply focused. (Objects outside of this range appear blurred or out of focus.) In Maya, all objects are sharply focused by ...

component video

Software; CAD

A video signal format commonly used in the broadcast industry because of its high quality. In component video, each color component (red, green, and blue) is carried over a separate video cable. The ...

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