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Dance; Choreography

Confident presentation of one’s body and energy to vividly communicate movement and meaning to an audience.


Dance; Choreography

The relationship of one part to another with respect to magnitude, quantity or degree; the quantitative selection of the component parts of a composition relative to each other in terms of their ...


Dance; Choreography

Presentation of a theme or a portion of a theme a number of times for emphasis or to gain form or interest. (It assists in making a specific rhythm increasingly discern able or emphasizes significant ...


Dance; Choreography

The area in and through which dance moves.


Dance; Choreography

Diversity in treatment of the material within the theme of the composition; an embellishment or change in movement or theme to add interest or meaning.

world culture(s)

Dance; Choreography

The shared ideas, beliefs, customs, and experiences of a given people at a given time.


Dance; Choreography

A distinctive or characteristic manner of expressing an idea. A personal mode of performing.

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