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Dance; Choreography

The shared ideas, beliefs, customs, and experiences of a given people at a given time.


Dance; Choreography

A written review analyzing all aspects of dance performance.

creative process

Dance; Choreography

The logical progression in the making of dance; choose topic, research the topic, identify important aspects of the topic, devise problems to be solved, ask questions, solve problems and produce ...


Dance; Choreography

The ability to focus on choreography and technical accuracy throughout a dance.


Dance; Choreography

Introduction of a theme or pattern different than the original that differs in a way that can serve to distinguish or intensify meaning.


Dance; Choreography

A choreographic form that consists of a series of movement phrases that are often unrelated but have been brought together to create a single dance with a beginning, middle, and end.


Dance; Choreography

Sequential arrangement to achieve a key statement or intensity; the portion of the composition given primary emphasis or representing culmination; the most intense or highest point in the development ...

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