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Sports; Cycling

This is a time trial event. It's a mountain bike race where riders race down a hill one-by-one and the fastest time wins.

downhill bike

Sports; Cycling

This is a bike made for racing down mountains.


Sports; Cycling

To save energy, a rider will follow closely behind another rider and use him as a windbreak. That is why you will sometimes see the lead rider swerve to force the rider behind him to not follow as ...


Sports; Cycling

Bicyclist must wear a riding outfit that covers them from the neck down to their knees. They must also wear a helmet for safety reasons.


Sports; Cycling

The term for a bicycle that is sliding sideways while continuing to move forward. This is usually as a result of the bicyclist taking a corner too fast.

drop handlebars

Sports; Cycling

These are racing handlebars that have low swept-down ends that help the rider get into an aerodynamic riding position.

dual-suspension bike

Sports; Cycling

This is a bike that has both front and rear suspension. The slang for this kind of bike is Dualie.

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