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International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA)

Sports; Cycling

The organization that regulates mountain biking.


Sports; Cycling

This is a bicycling shirt. It usually has the team logo and advertising on it.


Sports; Cycling

A fast increase in speed that usually results in a sprint.


Sports; Cycling

A track race where after completing a certain number of laps behind a motorcycle pacer, riders compete in a sprint.


Sports; Cycling

An explosion of speed for the final sprint to the finish.

kick out

Sports; Cycling

This is a cornering technique on a mountain bike when the rider shifts his weight to the front wheel and then shifts his body to one side so that the back wheel slides outwards.

king of the mountain

Sports; Cycling

This is the title given to the winner; he has the most points, of the hill-climbing portion of a stage or circuit race.

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