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Terms in relation to a type of cimate that has high average temperature, low average annual rainfall, and very few vegetation.

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Brandberg Massif

Natural environment; Deserts

Rising unexpectedly from the heart of the Namib Desert in northern Namibia, the dome-shaped Brandberg Massif (Brandberg Intrusion) is an exhumed granite intrusion rising 2573 meters and encompassing ...


Natural environment; Deserts

Receiving less than 10 inches of precipitation annually.

desert pavement

Natural environment; Deserts

A thin, surface layer of closely packed pebbles.

desert varnish

Natural environment; Deserts

A hard, dark, shiny coating on rocks caused by chemical action.


Natural environment; Deserts

Boulders, rocks, gravel, sand, soil that has eroded from mountains over time.


Natural environment; Deserts

Mounds of loose sand grains shaped up by the wind.


Natural environment; Deserts

An eroded, steeply tilted ridge of resistant rocks with equal slopes on the sides.

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