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Sports; Fishing

A leadhead lure, usually skirted, that features one or more spinning blades offset from the lure. The blades spin as the lure is retrieved to attract fish.

slack line

Sports; Fishing

The loose or limp line from the tip of the rod to the lure. This can be a slight bow in the line to an excess of line lying on the water.

tail spinners

Sports; Fishing

Compact, lead-bodied lures with one or two spinner blades attached to the tail, and a treble hook suspended from the underside of the body. Tail spinners are designed to resemble a wounded shad to ...

star drag

Sports; Fishing

First introduced in the late 1950s, this was a major improvement in fighting fish. The star-shaped device mounted behind the reel's handle is tightened by advancing it clockwise. When not in use, the ...

square bill

Sports; Fishing

This is the style of crankbait known for its small square diving bills. It's excellent lure to retrieve through trees, stumps, weeds, rocks.


Sports; Fishing

A method of finesse fishing. This technique involves pinching a small lead split shot sinker a foot or more above a small worm, then slowly dragging it on the bottom.

dynamite fishing

Sports; Fishing

The practice of detonating (often improvised) explosives underwater to kill the marine life within, then collecting the dead fish. The practice has been banned almost everywhere but is still ...

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