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A glossary of Tuxedo Terms and Wedding Tuxedo Styles

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Weddings; Grooms

This is by far the most common, most classic tux jacket, and is worn at formal and semiformal events. There are a surprising number of choices to make when picking a classic jacket. You can go ...


Weddings; Grooms

Formal coat, short in front, but extends to two tails at the back.

spencer coat

Weddings; Grooms

Open coat without buttons, cut right at the waistline.

four in hand tie

Weddings; Grooms

Knotted tie which hangs vertically, similar to business suit tie. Can be fastened with tie tack; should be worn with spread collar.

dinner jacket

Weddings; Grooms

Cut similar to tuxedo, a dinner jacket has a shawl collar.

cutaway morning coat

Weddings; Grooms

Long coat, with tapers from waistline button to one broad tail in back.


Weddings; Grooms

Broad neck scarf looped under chin; fastened with tie tack or stick pin. Should be worn with wing collar shirt.

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